We are incoming travel agency specialized in group- based products. Our employees are experienced travelers. Many expeditions have helped them to understand tourist expectations. Visiting many countries all over the world, they have gained experience, learnt about different cultures and are able to cooperate successfully with other nationalities. Traveling through Poland, they meet our local partners, inspect hotels and restaurants. They also visit museums, attend cultural and sport events and check out many tourist attractions themselves.

Hello to everyone

Here we are!

Choosing our travel agency to serve your group, we will provide the highest level of service. We have four offices in different parts of Poland. An individual approach to each offer, flexibility and keeping with the commitments (in an atmosphere of mutual trust) make many groups decide to entrust us with the organization of the tours each year.

Below you will find a short description of our team members.


Sławomir Jarosławski

The Founder and the Owner of the agency. A geographer by education. Coordinator of the company activities and the brain of the corporate operations. He implements the company development strategy, even in difficult times. Experienced traveler, not afraid to sleep in a tent even at -20 degrees. Organizer of many Euro-tours.

Maciej Mazurczak

Apprentice of the Master Founder 😊 Nature lover, especially interested in ornithology. He also loves mountain hiking (with a backpack). He works in the Poznań office and is responsible for contact with clients and preparation of the offer.

Horacy Kondras

He cares about the company's image. Graphics, styles, photos - these are his specialties. Also a specialist in integration events, where he often plays the role of a leader. Privately, an avid player and creator of Warhammer models. He travels at least once a year to Grunwald battlefield for the staging of a historic battle.

Joanna Olszewska

A logical and precise mind. Economist by education. She is said to have her life put in excel tables. Responsible for contacts with local partners, booking of hotels, transportation, museums and tourist attractions, as well as subsequent communication with them and with the tour leaders. In private, the furthest she has traveled so far is New York or Vietnam, as Europe turned out to be too small.

Piotr Białożyt

The mountain guide brought up in the Karkonosze Mountains. Eternal optimist, he always smiles and sings while working on a new offer. On a daily basis, he works in the Wroclaw office, helping our clients to choose a tour that is tailored to their needs. Part-time ski instructor, preferably in Italy. Sport lover - cycling is his second passion. In "spare time" he is a devoted father of two lovely girls.

Karolina Szczepańska

She graduated an elite field of study - missiology. A great person in spirit, willing to help everyone and at every step. Working in a travel company, she feels that she has a share in making people's dreams come true. She looks after the Warsaw branch in all aspects of its activities. Privately, she spends most of her free time cycling across Poland, Europe and the world.

Marta Jarosławska

She has been associated with our travel agency since her birth, but in fact she has been working with us for several years. She deals with accounting matters, organizes trainings for our employees and updates the company client database. From an early age she has been riding horses, which is greater passion than traveling for her. In the future she would like to travel to India and get to know the United States of America, in particular California, Nevada and Texas.

Paulina Chodorska

Innovations, technical novelties, all what the news are - this is what Paulina does. She has a million of ideas per minute and she would like to realize them all; if only the day could be longer… In the office, she helps on each field of our activity: offers, reservations, marketing and finally creating the image of the agency. Privately, she knows Italy very well and is in love with Iceland. She relieves stress by running.

Weronika Gilska

Marketing and public relations master. Thanks to Weronika, her texts, publications and activities, our website, Fb fanpage and instagram live their own lives. Although the youngest, not the least experienced traveller. Since her early school years, she has been active in scouting, she has lived in France for some time and so far she has been to almost 50 different countries.