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We are a travel agency that has been existing on the Polish market for over 25 years. Every year we handle over 400 tour groups. Thanks to a serious and creative approach to the organization of tours, the company has an established position on the market and a positive image. Thanks to the high quality of our work, we have introduced the Horizon standard to the market: the guarantee of a favorable offer, great service and the sense of security.

We try to make our tourists get to know and see the most important attractions of visited places. At the same time, we know that a tired tourist will not benefit much from the trip. Therefore, in our tour agendas there is time for a bit of craze, we choose interesting places where you can relax and switch to fun mode.

25 years experience, 400 groups each year all over Europe
working with professionals

As an incoming tour operator in Central Europe we can offer you a variety of trip agendas all over the continent, but we will be the most satisfied if you will choose a destination in our region. We specialize in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, but we also send  many  of our clients to France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. We know where you can taste the best polish “pierogi”, hungarian wines or italian pizza; where are the best beaches on the French Riviera, which season will be the most suitable for your dream trip and whether you will need euros, british pounds, czech korunas or polish zlotys. Below you will find some trip inspirations, which can be used in your tour agenda.

Our offer is dedicated to the groups of every age. On our website we present a few suggestions from the most frequently chosen destinations. However, if you have your own idea of a trip, please e-mail us and we will prepare a special offer for you. We are open to your suggestions and we will be happy to create a unique product. We will fit each offer to the needs and possibilities of the group.

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