Entire trip

Transport and guide services

As an incoming travel agency we design products that are guaranteed to deliver unforgettable and satisfying travel experiences for your clients.  Therefore, to be sure that you will get top quality service, we will gladly prepare the entire trip for you. However, if you need help with your tour schedule or would like to use our experience, please let us know. We have been in the tourism  industry for a long time, thanks to which we can offer the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Every day we cooperate with many transport companies, tour guides, mountain guides and hotels in Europe. We are also familiar with booking systems for many attractions.



We can help to arrange a trip by train, plane or a ferry. Thanks to a well-developed network of connections, we can carry out this type of a trip.

If you choose to travel by train, we will prepare the whole trip based on this type of transport or you use it to get to a destination from where we will arrange a coach (or a van) for the rest of the adventure. It’s more affordable option, however, we will not be able to get public transport everywhere.


Planes are often considered means of transport thanks to which we get to the destination. Thanks to the high density of airports in Europe, your journey can be more comfortable and quicker in comparison with trains or buses.



In our offer we have Baltic and Mediterranean cruises, international ferries to and from Baltic harbours, small cruise ships offering sea, river and lake sails, as well as private yachts.

It is possible to spend nights on a ferry, traveling around European seas and visit metropolitan cities or charming seaside towns during the day. 

One of our offers is a trip called “the ferry across the Baltic Sea”. It allows you to visit Riga, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn during the day, and spend nights in comfortable cabins on board the ferries that we use to travel between cities.